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Disney World 2023 - Magic Kingdom

Hi There!

If you found this Vlog you are probably planning or looking to plan your next Disney World vacation. I hope you find some tips and tricks within this post. I also vlogged each day of the trip that has everything linked that I use to make sure that we have a smooth day in the parks, so be sure to watch the video of our day in Magic Kingdom if you want to see the tips put to use!

First off, my name is Sami and I am a Annual Passholder! I've been going to Disney ever since I was 5 years old (and yes I remember that trip better than most middle school or high school memories! haha), but I became a Passholder in Spring of 2019. I always knew ever since I was 5 years old I wanted to make Orlando home and "live at Disney." I know I'm one of the fortunate ones who had the opportunity to do actually do so! I still own my home in Orlando because I want my daughter also having the opportunity to visit such a magical place.. plus, I'm 100% a Disney adult and can't give up going to the parks and enjoying them they way I did when I lived in Orlando full-time. Which means after work going to the parks to ride a couple rides, grab dinner, and enjoy a firework show. However, since I did get to spend so much time at the parks, I like to think I have adulting Disney down to a science. However, now with a 1 year old daughter, I feel like I've been taking that knowledge and adapting it to without a doubt the most magical experience I've ever had which is seeing Disney through my daughter's eyes.

Tips for the best day ever in Magic Kingdom! 💫✨

I never knew this park could get any more magical than it was until having a little 🥹 it’s so much fun watching my daughter light up seeing all of the characters! Baby Tiana was a hit, but Lyla sure didn’t like the idea of kissing a frog to get her dress 🐸💋

I highly recommend taking advantage of Genie+ at Magic Kingdom. I'm not quite sure how you would accomplish everything there is to do there without it. Our first Genie+ selection at Magic Kingdom is always the meet and greet at Princess Fairytale Hall. Even though my daughter does great with long park days, I want to make sure we are getting her to meet her favorite characters early on in the day, so that variables of tiredness, heat, being hungry aren't all playing into effect like they could in mid/late day. I think this is a great tip for anyone with littles to schedule those Genie+ for the characters early on in the day. These are photos you'll want to remember, and you won't want a screaming, upset child to be how you have such a magical moment documented. Once you leave Princess Fairytale Hall it puts you out into the gift shop, Sir Mickey's. My number one free tip that will make you feel so special, ask any cast member at Sir Mickey's if they can sprinkle you and they will sprinkle you with fairy dust! They will do this for any guest over the age of 3. This is also right across from Bippity Boppity Boutique. This boutique (from what I hear, we can't go yet since your child must be 3 to go) is tough to get into. If you are not able to schedule to go to the Boutique or it is financially not an option since it is pricey, this is a great free option to help soothe your upset kid by getting fairy dusted at Sir Mickey's!

Another tip while we are on the topic of photos and happy kiddos, on your way to Princess Fairytale Hall or Bippity Boppity Boutique, take your castle photos on the left side of the castle on your way to either of these destinations. There is usually a park photographer standing there with little to no wait, and you will have castle photos that do not have people in the background! Here is a photo from the trip my mom and I took when I was 8 months pregnant. Which by the way, you can ride "any height" rides while you are pregnant, but of course have everything cleared with your doc first!

Our favorite parade is the Festival of Fantasy, this is where we have had the most character interaction. Every time the characters or cast members have seen my daughter dressed up (we love to disneybound) they have made an extra effort to come see her and play peek-a-boo or interact for an extra few seconds. It is the sweetest how special they make these magical moments! Check out this interaction with Woody and Jessie when my daughter was dressed up as Jessie. It absolutely made my heart melt, flutter, all the things when you see Jessie see my daughter and run over to her!

Throughout the day I'm sure you'll see Pirates and Haunted Mansion go down multiple times and have long wait times. SAVE THESE RIDES FOR AFTER THE FIREWORKS. That is a tip for any park though. Save "any height" rides for the end of the night. Unless families have a child like my daughter who loves a stroller nap, they most likely will leave early or leave after the fireworks. However, my daughter loves staying up late and she is able to take her naps during the day fine in her stroller. You'll be able to knock out a ton of rides there at the end of your day as wait times are significantly down for these "any height" rides.

Rides to rope drop:

- Peter Pan's Fight:this line NEVER dies down. You will need to rope drop or use Genie+ on this attraction.

- Seven Dwarf Mine Train

I'm not sure why, but it seems many guests tend to go to the right to Tomorrowland soon as they get into the park if they aren't busy spending time in front of the castle or going to the classics located right behind the castle like "It's a Small World" or "Peter Pan". IF meeting the princesses is not your cup of tea, I highly recommend going to the left first thing when you get into the park. Try to think of the park as three different pods. Knock out everything in the left pod - Adventureland and Frontierland - like Big Thunder Mountain, Jungle Cruise, or Magic Carpets of Aladdin. You'll also find Pirates over here and might be able to hop on before the line gets long, but I'd save this for the end of the day if you are prioritizing the attractions.

One very underrated attraction is Storytime with Belle. This attraction is very interactive with the kids. The kids get to meet Belle, have a photo taken, and get a book mark to take home! She cannot sign your autograph book or anything similar during this meet and greet, but it is such a fun story time as the story is acted out by you, the guests!

Food suggestions:

- Gaston's Tavern: the cinnamon roll and get extra icing

- Turkey Leg (I don't eat turkey, but I did when I was younger thinking it was chicken and I remember it being delicious. By the smell and the amount of people eating it there, I don't think much has changed and it is still a hit!)

- Dole Whip from Sunshine Tree Terrace - you can get multiple flavors from this location

- Be Our Guest: This is our favorite splurge meal and break from the heat. You won't get to interact with the Beast in here (Belle has not yet returned), but the Beast will periodically walk through the restaurant for you to see him. If you ask your waiter they will get you a signed souvenir from the beast. Many of the nicer restaurants, the food is so-so, but here I think it is the best food of the nicer restaurants at Disney World without dipping into the World Showcase restaurants. Just be prepared, it is pricey. Try to get a reservation, but we have walked up several times and sat within 10-15 minutes.

- Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe: this is the perfect place to go eat for the picky eaters. There's something for everyone

- Columbia Harbor House: Eating on a budget? Lots of mouths to feed? This is the place for you. Get the trio platter and thank me later.

Food dislikes:

- Liberty Tree Tavern: We went here on the trip that I was pregnant and thought I would love it since it's basically Thanksgiving dinner/comfort foods... or so I thought. However, the food was not great at all and it came all on one platter instead of sides being in their own serving dishes so for those that don't like their food touching (me!) this is not the place for you. I'm also very weird about meat and the meat was on the bone and touching the veggies. I also was unpleasantly surprised by the veggie choices. I basically only ate the mashed potatoes and then ordered Mac n' cheese and did not even eat the meal that I originally ordered that I paid for. It was extremely disappointing and expensive for some below average Mac n' cheese (that was ordered separately) and decent mashed potatoes.

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