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And soon they'll be a family of four..

What a beautiful chapter in life.. adding another set of little fingers and toes to the party. When I met Keanna and Justin, their son Weston was just over a year old. He loves all things "boy" - tractors, trucks, and dirt. What more to add to the chaos of 2 under 2 than another adorable little boy? If anyone was able to handle it though, it's this beautiful mama and truck/tractor lovin' dad.

Keanna and Justin's relationship is one many strive for. Their love is seen and felt by all those around them. Whenever you are one of their friends they really both adopt you into the friendship; you aren't just Keanna's friend or just Justin's friend, it truly is a packaged deal. They keep it real with you and love to laugh even harder with you. They are pretty private from social media and I love this! They are so content with the life they've built together, and honestly what more can someone want? The time they spend together with their boys is all they need in life and that's what so many desire, a family that's whole. Their family is beautiful and such an inspiration to be around.

What a blessing it is to be able to carry such a sweet soul for 9 months! The bond between a mother and baby in the womb is something I'll forever cherish as a mom myself. Every kick, every squirm, every hiccup. It's a feeling unlike any other the two of you together before the rest of the world gets to love on the little one that is truly a part of you. I'm honored to have captured such a beautiful chapter in Keanna and Justin's lives as they prepare for Waylon's arrival! See more from this maternity shoot below:

Want to book with SK Photography? Reach out to book with me! I'd love to capture your life's sweet moments!

Email or contact me through social media for booking.

- Newborn Session (1 hour with wiggle room): $350, minimum 35 photos

- Family Lifestyle Session (1 hour at location of choice): $300, minimum 35 photos

- Family Studio Session (1 hour at my studio): $250, minimum 30 photos

- Graduation/Senior Photos: $300, minimum 35 photos

- Maternity Session: $250, minimum 30 photos

- Engagement: $350, minimum 35 photos

- Wedding: $2,000 for minimum of 150 photos, if you would like a second photographer, an extra $750 will be added and amount of photos will go up to minimum of 250 photos.

All bookings require a $50 deposit at time of booking that will go towards your final payment.

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