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Welcome to my serendipitous life

A weekly blog to recap what is going on in my life. Let's talk sports, preparing for baby, farm life, healthy habits, and just the good, great and sometimes ugly.

Hey there! Welcome to my site. Blogging is new for me. I've always wanted to blog, but where to start? What to write about? I have my career I am passionate about, but never felt I could share a lot of what happens in my career. I also felt I had a shield up from the real me. "How do I let that down and expose the real moments that have shaped me and my career?" Will people even care? or.. or... or. I have so many things I enjoy outside of my career, but I've let myself be defined by my career. Will people want to know what else I am passionate about? Do they care of anything I enjoy outside of sports or do I need to stick to the one audience?

I feel like with the shift in social media over the last couple years, it's been made possible to appeal to more than one audience. Yes, having a niche will get you in more people's algorithms, but people are more accepting to real life posts, not just your highlights or "cool moments to show off." People have asked about fashion, health, life. So why not share more of what I enjoy?

Speak your truth loud and clear. You never know who's listening and being inspired by you.

I hope this website becomes a one-stop shop. A place you can come to relate to my blog - a place you can see what I've been up to in my career or in everyday life as I prepare to become a new mama - a place you can come when you are looking for some healthy lifestyle tips.

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